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I’m a retired Deputy Sheriff and professional (a long time ago) photographer. I travel all over North America on my motorbikes and in my Mercedes Sprinter van I converted into a nice camper. Home is wherever I park for the night, week, or month! Join me as I wander and enjoy.

BTW…I skip around a lot and this blog is not fancy…that’s the way my brain works 🙂

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Questions or comments….timtew@icloud.com…or click the link at the bottom of each page to leave a public comment, thanks!

How Did I Get Here

When I retired in 2014 I had all kinds of things…two homes…properties in Florida and North Carolina…and all the trappings many of us have. All accumulated over 62 years of working, saving, and building. One day in 2018 I was sitting on the porch at my home in NC and realized I really wasn’t that happy. I was spending tons of money supporting everyone but myself…the insurance people, yard people, tax people, roofing people, people and people and people. All so I could maintain and keep all the stuff working. That’s when I decided to cash it all in and start supporting myself. I had Social Security income, a nice pension from my time in Law Enforcement, savings, and investments (I’m an Apple stockholder among others). And…most importantly I was completely out of debt. Everything that didn’t make me happy was sold, given away, or thrown away. When I was all done it felt wonderful. I only kept the condo in Fl as my Legal Domicile as the taxes there are a well under control. I bought a brand new van, converted it into a nice camper (the link to the build is below), and hit the road…life is good.

Travel Videos and Stories

Valley of the Gods Utah. Here’s the story https://advrider.com/f/threads/coffee-and-new-friends-one-250cc-explosion-at-a-time.1074235/
Great night boondocking at the Pecos River Overlook. I’m the only one here and it’s really nice. This is on TX HWY 90 west of Del Rio.
Deadhorse Alaska, on the Arctic Ocean, 300 miles north of the Arctic Circle. I rode my trusty Yamaha WR20R I called Tess. Click the link if you’e like to read about the ride.https://advrider.com/f/threads/tiny-bike-to-alaska-2016.1143158/
The bridge over the Pecos River. Beautiful morning and oatmeal is cooking in the pot. Heading up to Langtry TX to visit the Judge Roy Bean Museum.
The judges original saloon and courtroom. Click the photo for a link.
This is the 107 inch telescope at the McDonald Observatory in west Texas. The facility is fascinating! Here is a link to them….click the photo for a link to them.
Stopped by to see my friends Len and Chris in Silver City New Mexico…stayed a couple of nights…good times and good conversations. A bit of snow the second might but all was good…my Espar Airtronic 2 diesel furnace I installed in the van kept me nice and toasty!
The van from above….you can see the Maxair vent, round over-the-air TV antenna, cell booster antenna, solar panels, A/C unit, CB antenna, and the Fiamma awning.
Arrived at my boondocking spot on Plomosa road just north of Quartzsite Arizona. I’m here for the big RV show and just to relax. My van is right in the middle of the picture. Shot the photo with my Mavic Pro drone. Not may folks here at the moment but this place will fill up in the next week. This is BLM land and I can camp here for 14 days for free.
My beautiful 5 year old niece Alyx (I call her “Trouble”) gave me a travel mug for Christmas. It works really good. I’m going to take photos of it in the places I travel to…I call it “Trouble’s Traveling Mug”.
What can I say…I live in a van 🙂
Nights here in southern Arizona are usually clear, dry, calm, and beautiful….perfect for Vanlife. Temps this week are supposed to be 40’s at night and upper 60’s during the day….nice. And yes I’m a UFO enthusiast….how can you tell?

A bit about the van. I bought the thing as a basic cargo van and spent 4 months doing the conversion myself. I learned as I went and had tons of help from good knowledgeable folks. It has most of the features you’d find in a home…bedroom, kitchen, toilet, living room, and entertainment center. There is no proper shower installed (takes up too much room) but I do have a hot water heater with a separate pump and shower head I can hang off the rear doors to shower out in the boonies. Here is a link to the complete van build….Tewster’s Adventure Van Build

I’m not a very good cook…mostly warm stuff up…today was Taco Sunday…a bit of ground beef, cheese, diced tomatoes with salsa, green peppers, and 17 small soft taco tortia things.
This was last summer in Utah. My buddy Anthony drove his beautiful Class C camper out to 3 Step Hideaway (link). We had a great time riding the bikes and driving my new Honda Talon 1000X SXS sport buggy in the mountains.

I can’t believe how handsome I am…Ladies call this number…1-800-I’mTheManForYou 🙂

A Few of The Bikes (I’ve owned tons but these are some of my favs)

My 1990 Honda RC30 (VFR750RR)
The Mighty Ducati 1198S Corse
848 Ducati
Honda XR650L
The Sheriff, Momma, and me.

Morning Coffee

Several hundred thousand of you folks have asked about my morning coffee routine. I HATE pouring hot coffee into a cold mug so….here’s what I do.

  1. fill mug with water to measure the amount of water
  2. pour water into Jet Boil Zip…heat
  3. pour hot water back into mug to warm it up
  4. while mug is warming put coffee in filter and drip thing
  5. pour water back into Jet Boil…mug is now hot
  6. pour 2.794 oz of milk into hot mug
  7. re-heat water then pour into drip thing and let sit for 3.78 minutes
  8. while coffee is brewing put small spoon in pocket to warm it up so when I stir the coffee to mix the milk it doesn’t cool off
  9. enjoy the coffee….easy
  10. No…the mug and dripper are not being heated by the stove 🙂
It’s another beautiful morning here in the high desert of Arizona. I’m going into town today to get a few things from the grocery store, grab a shower, and walk around the town of Quartzsite. Many RV’ers are arriving with all kinds of rigs…some are monsters…those folks have never left home :)…they just drag it along behind them.

Keeping Clean On The Road

It’s really easy to keep clean on the road. I do have a shower system installed in the back of the van I can use when needed…but…showers are everywhere!

Truck stops like Fying J, Pilot, and Loves have wonderful showers and do cater to the traveler. The showers are cleaned between each user and include fresh towels. All you do is go to the fuel desk, ask for a shower, give them $12, and they will give you a number. When your number is called, go to the shower with your number, enter the code on the door, and proceed to get clean and pretty…easy. No time limit and plenty of hot water!

Many State, County, and City Parks have showers. If you’re staying there you’re set. If you’re just traveling though you can stop by and ask if you can use the shower facilities. Most of the time the attendant will say sure go ahead…sometimes they may charge $5 or so to help keep the things clean.

Other places:

Recreation Centers

YMCA’s are everywhere, get a membership for $50 a year

Planet Fitness, $10 month,use the showers and park overnight for free at most locations

Friends places…don’t abuse their hospitality

When you’re traveling in the desert it’s usually cool and dry in the winter. You don’t sweat a lot. Using Wet Wipes between showers is an easy way to stay clean. It’s called taking a “whore’s bath”…again easy. Sometimes I may go several months between showers 🙂

Questions or comments….timstravelingcircus@gmail.com

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  1. This is awesome Tim. I am glad your finding your next phase. I will always appreciate your details on adv and your channel, it sure helped me move into my ADV phase of my riding now that I am retired and have more time. I find it interesting that your comment on the 4 wheeler . ” see places off he beaten path that I could never get to or want to try to get to on my bike.” What aspects of the 4 wheeler do you feel are better suited than the bike for more aggressive terrian? I am interested as I am considering to add something like yours to park in Ariz for exploring as well. Cheers brother.


  2. Hey Stephen, thanks for leaving a comment. I can never fall over and break a bone (well I could but I have a proper roll cage around me) with the buggy…the buggy will crawl over stuff and go through stuff the bike would never be able to do with my ability.


  3. Hi Tim. If you were going to do it again, would you do the conversion yourself, or would you just buy a class b or c sprinter rv?


    1. I’d do the conversion myself…that way it’s built the way I want with the quality I want..you wouldn’t believe the crap construction on some of the factory ones when you look close behind the walls and cabinets.


  4. Hi Tim, I hope you are well and safe from the pandemic. Awesome you got this website as well as advrider and your YouTube channel ( busy man ).😀
    Coffee and new friends is still my personal favourite, but enjoy your work and the feeling it transmits through the screen. Stay in touch, and all the best from me here in Denmark 🇩🇰.🏍


    1. Hey Claus good to hear from you. All is well here and I’m really enjoying being on the road. One day I’ll see your patch of Heaven!


  5. Tim, I bought a coffee grinder as well and was hoping for the best coffee ever. I was disappointed. Going back to buying a can of Cafe Du Monde in the Blue can. Much easier.


  6. This is awesome!! I’m gonna be off from work for a while for surgery. I’ve watched your videos several times. Thanks for letting me know about your blog. If you ever get thru southwestern Indiana, look me up. 😊


  7. I’m curious as to all of the bikes you’ve had, what’s your favorite? I’ve had a few myself. Kinda miss the Hayabusa I had. Right now I have a 2007 Harley Sportster 1200C and a 1983 Yamaha XJ900 SECA. Gotta say the Yamaha is prolly my favorite. It rides so much better and smoother than the Harley.


  8. Have a question about 3 Step Hideaway. Been thinking about checking it out since I first saw it in your videos. I’d wanna go out in the late fall or early winter. I’d be happy just listening to the crackle of the fire in the wood stove. With them being off grid, how hard is it to check on availability? It would just be me. Sorry if I’m bugging you. My dad traveled and camped a lot while he was still alive. If he got bored and went for a drive, he would end up in South Dakota or something like that. I miss him dearly. Watching your videos time and time again makes me think about his travels. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your journeys.


  9. Good morning. Safe travels to Florida. No surgery so far. Been doing physical therapy. Will be stuck home till middle to end of November. Thinking about taking a small getaway for a couple days. Haven’t been anywhere in quite a while. The Smoky’s keep calling my name lol.


  10. Safe travels Tim and Happy New Year!! Heading back to work tomorrow for the first time since September 13. I’ll be running a semi all over the country.


  11. It was sad to read that youˋve grown tired of motorcycles.. Iˋve been following your youtube channel for many years now. And watched your videos many, many times. And i will again.. Anyway, i just googled the Honda Pioneer 520. And that should be a lot of fun! 🙂


  12. HI Christian. Yes as I’ve gotten older the things I love to do are changing. Bikes were a part of my life since I was 16…had one or more all the time until a few weeks ago. I love the high passes in Colorado and the deserts in Utah. I did many miles of exploring on the bikes but grew tired of having to always be on my guard against falling and hurting myself. I usually rode alone and being injured out in the sticks would not be good.

    I fell in love with side by sides when I had my Talon…but…it was more conducive to going fast and I’d sunk a bunch of money in the thing. I turn 70 in a few months and now enjoy exploring and sightseeing slowly. The stability of the little SXS is really nice.


    1. I agree with slowing down. I’m only 46 and I’ve ran hard as far as work all my life. I had a Hayabusa a few years back. Having a 200+mph bike was fun but my health isn’t the best so I sold it. I have bum shoulders and I’m starting to have sciatic and lower left back issues. Crazy work life. Kids are getting older that they don’t wanna hang around dad much. Considering building a boondocking van/camper. Thought about it a lot over the years. Then again with the price of fuel, might end up being a tent on a bicycle. Lol.


    2. Hi Timtew!I really appreciate that you take time out of your day to reply to the comments! I totally understand that.. things change. There`s nothing apealing about being stuck somewhere alone. I really like that.. “Enjoy exploring and sightseeing slowly”. Well, have nice day! I`m watching “Tiny bike to Alaska 2016 episode one”! Your videos are very very good! Thanks for letting me tag along!


  13. Enjoy life my friend. It’s a good time to be “retired” from LE. Take care and safe travels. You will probably get another bike. Haha. I’m 67 and have had about fifty of them. We all might need one with the gas prices.


  14. Good morning Tim. I found out Monday I have lung cancer in both lungs. Hadn’t been feeling good for a couple months. They found a mass on my right lung. I’m gonna take a couple weeks this summer and prolly take off on one of the bikes. Wouldn’t mind meeting up if I’m close to where you’ll be. I haven’t a destination in mind but I do know I’ll be be hitting the northwest and maybe Vegas depending on the heat. Safe travels to you. 😊


    1. Hey Melvin I just got your message today…don’t know what happened…I’d love to meet up with you if you’re still on the road…I’m in the Moab area at the moment…check page 40 to see where I am…take care and prayers for you.


  15. I just came thru Salt Lake City a couple days ago. In Yakima,WA in a littler while to load for Chicago. Gotta get back home as the kids grandpa lost a battle with pancreatic cancer Saturday. I’m taking a few days off starting June 10. I always read your blog. I look forward to it.


  16. Good morning Tim. Hangin out at home today with my son. I’m taking a couple weeks off starting June 10. May try and ride somewhere for a day or two. If you get close to Indiana as I’d love to meet up. Safe travels


  17. Good morning Tim. I’m gonna be home till the 27th. I’ll have my son this week and weekend. Be safe with the heat. It’s gonna be close to 100 the next several days here in southern indiana. If you get up to North Carolina I may be able to ride down depending on the day. Start new job on the 27th.


    1. Hey Melvin, I’ll let you know when I’ll be in NC…I’ll post up here on the blog. Can’t wait to get the new bike up there to break’er in!


  18. I looked up pics of the 300. Looks like a pretty nimble bike. I need to get my old Yamaha fixed but I can’t find carb kits for it. 1983 Yamaha XJ900 Seca. Be safe in the heat. It’s around 100 up here in Indiana.


  19. Hey Tim, Roy here and this is the first time I have commented in your blog, I guess I need to get out more. Tiny Bike to Alaska is one of my favorite videos series to watch, it never gets old and very inspiring! I would love to meet you some day and talk motorcycles. Been riding a Burgman 650 although I am scooterless right now. You should tour on the CRF and do another series. Ride safe my friend!


    1. Hello Roy, Thanks for the kind words and following along…I’d love to get with ya one day for a coffee or some grub…teh new bike is super fun…loving the roads here in NC!


      1. Tim, do you plan on touring anymore on a motorcycle and recording that for YouTube? We would all love to see more of your adventures posted, so fun and entertaining and might I add inspiring. I’ve been riding a Burgman 650, but do not own one currently, in the hunt though! Blessings Tim!



      2. No I don’t think I’ll ever do any more long Moto trips…I’m so comfortable traveling in the van, unloading the bike, then riding around the areas I visit these days.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Bare with me Tim, I’m a little slow…okay a lot slow! I just realized you post activities on your web page, maybe this is referred to a a “Blog”??? So I will go back a read through those to get caught up. I’m olden and it takes me a while sometimes. I fully understand not doing anymore long excursions on a bike although I still like the sport. Been following Itchy Boots, she does well with her videos, but nothing like yours. My wife and I are both retired and have been in the hunt for an RV of some kind that will fir our affordability parameters and get us the biggest bang for the buck. Maybe we will cross paths on the road sometime. Blessings Tim!


  20. Good afternoon Tim, I have contacted you in the past and my memory fails me, is this blog the best way to get in touch with you? We were in NC and SC recently and wanted to try and cross paths, but I could find my history of our conversations from the past. Thank you, Roy


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