Summer 2023 Page 47

Jan 25…really nice night last night…wind subsided…the gas fire ring was warm and cozy…drank about an ounce of Makers Mark…don’t know if I’m going to turn into a Whisky drinker…still can’t get used to the taste so it’s probably gonna be back to cheap beer…one or two cans a month is my limit.

Drove down to Bouse for milk and cookies…on my return I found another nice campsite on down the gravel road from my last one on the hill…super quiet…no road noise at all…nice. I keep the hood of the van up when I’m camped in the desert…a pack rat or mouse is less likely to crawl up in the engine bay and chew the wiring when it’s lit up with light or open to the sky.

29 Jan…today my sister, niece Alyx, and her dad (my nephew) Ashley had a little birthday party for him at mom’s place…I don’t have a clue how old he is but I guess around 40…here’s a photo of two to the sweetest little kids in the world…mom’s mother and father are in the photo between them in the back ground…very neat.

I left the desert this morning and headed into Quartzsite to grab a shower and do my laundry…decided to head up to Parker for the night at the Walmart…get my grub stake restocked and hang with the weirdos :).

I’ve only been drinking coffee for about 12 years…in all that time I’ve never been able to find a coffee that didn’t taste bitter…it’s probably just me…but today was a milestone in history…while at my friends Phillip and Susan’s casa in Lake Havasu City the other day Phillip told me they only drink Black Rifle Coffee…the are very patriotic…I like that…well, I spotted some in the isle at Walmart…made a cup with the pour over system I have and Holly Cow…I’ve gone to coffee Heaven…so smooth, sweet, and not a trace of bitterness…I’m on my 10th cup šŸ™‚

I think when I get back out in the desert I’m gonna use the rest of my K-Cups for target practice šŸ™‚

30 Jan…it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood…extremely quiet night at Walmart last night…guess all the coke/meth/benzo/trank heads had their fix on and were passed out in the woods…after two glorious cups of Black Rifle Coffee I drove to the Crossroads BLM Campground…it’s about 500 feet into Californication on the banks of the Colorado River across from Parker AZ…and…I grabbed the PRIMO spot…it’s really expensive at $2.50 a night with my Golden Age Pass šŸ™‚

the view out my door…that’s looking back at Arizona across the river

2 Feb…I’m back…been a nice few days since the last update…I only spent one night at the Crossroads Campground…I don’t watch regular TV…nothing but crap…I get most of my entertainment from the net…it was almost usable at the campground but so slow…I didn’t want my life pass by waiting for the cartoons to load so I headed on down the road…topped off the fuel as I left Parker and headed back to my favorite campsite on Plomosa Road near Bouse.

I noticed many of the campers had left the area…the Big Tent Show had closed so that may be the reason…so quiet here…lots of trails to explore on the bike…made a good cheese/ground beef/salsa quesadilla for dinner…not bad but the cow muscle from Walmart sucks.

I love walking in the desert…so quiet…I try to get two, one mile walks in each day…one in the morning and one late in the afternoon when the sun is going down…during those times it seems all the world’s problems are far away.

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