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13 May….Bill and Tom about to head off to ride the Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico Back Country Discovery Routes.

A few more shots from 3 Step

This morning I went with Scott to the men’s Wednesday morning breakfast at his church…had a great time helping with the cooking and socializing with his friends…great bunch of guys.

After that I packed up the van and headed to a beautiful boondocking spot I found about 10 miles away. You turn off West Summit Road and drive about 4 miles down and up a gravel road that’s very easy. I’m at 6800 feet and parked on a cliff that overlooks Lisbon Valley. Not soul around for miles. I wanted to boondock a couple of nights and use my outdoor shower system I installed. Tomorrow is shower day out in the boonies!

I’ve put a lot of miles on the buggy the last week so I left it at 3 Step….the next two days are just me, the van, and the wind.

N38.17168 W109.19076

The view out the side of the van….nice.

23 May….heading up to Salt Lake City in a few weeks to pickup the trailer Pace America is building for me….custom build with 12 inches of extra height so I can get the buggy inside….7×14 foot size….screwless exterior for nice looks so no screws to rust….2100 pounds….with the buggy and bike will weigh out around 4000 pounds…well under the maximum towing rate of 5000 pounds for the van. Will be getting the lite gray color….here is a sample of how it should look. (this example has exterior panel screws…mine will have smooth sides as the exterior panels will be glued on)

Out exploring

My Levoit hepa air filter works well keeping the insides of the van mostly dust free.
Took a drive in the buggy out to see this site the other day…pretty neat.
Me and Sage hanging out on the porch at 3 Step.
In the Valley of the Gods for a couple of days boondocking.

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8 thoughts on “Page 14

  1. Hey Tim, where did you loose your CRF RALLY? It has been awhile since I have seen you on two wheels. Is it back in FL?


  2. Nice pictures Tim. Thanks for taking us along for the ride.
    What is the approximate fuel range of your Talon?


  3. I have a little over 7 gallons of fuel onboard. Approx mileage varies from 20 to 30 mpg depending on how I’m driving. More than enough for the areas I’m exploring.


  4. I bought my enclosed trailer before I picked up my Talon and the door height is about 2″ too small.
    Will you be selling your flatbed trailer?


    1. Yep the standard height rear trailer door is too small. That’s why I had to do a special order with the extra height. My Big Tex is for sale and is located about 40 miles south of Moab. You can email me at and we can talk details if you’re interested.


  5. I’m so envious! You are THE MAN. Keep on keeping on my friend. I’m going to meet you out west one day……


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