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6 Jan, 2020…And speaking of showers, I drove into Quartzsite this morning to the Main Street Laundromat and showers, 205 East Main Street. Wonderfull place to grab a clean hot shower while your clothes are washing. A shower will cost you $8…wash cloth and towel included. No time limit. The water is nice and soft giving my skin a healthy glow 🙂

New Toys!

All of you know when I get the hankering for something that drags my body through the air fast (or slow) I usually buy it. I LOVE motorcycling…the thrill, relaxation, being in control. I got a call from the guys at RC Hill Powersports in DeLand Fl. They asked “would you like a new Honda 250 Rally for $3995”. Holy Moly yup! I loaded up the van, drove back across the country from Utah and picked up the little beauty. I traveled all over the US, Canada, and Alaska a few years ago on my WR250R Yamadama…best ride I ever did. Regreted selling it a few years ago. So…I couldn’t wait to get back on a 250!

Leaving Fl headed back to Utah. The carrier I’m using is made by Blackwidow. Lightweight but handles the bike just fine.
A little secret…when you’re traveling most casinos let you park in their lots for free…if one charges just drive around until you find an unlocked power box and plug in 🙂 or pay the $10 to $20 bucks…up to you. This was at the Black Mesa Casino in New Mexico.
Slowly adding a few things to the Rally. Here is the Rotopax fuel container mounted on the rear rack. The Rally has a 3 gallon tank and is good for about 180 miles or more. I’m headed back to Prudhoe Bay this summer so the extra fuel on the Dalton Highway will be needed.
Out exploring some nice gravel roads in the Moab area. The Rally is super smooth, light, easy to ride, and
very good looking…just like me.

And…I got a new buggy!

I’m spending a lot of time out in Utah. There are places off road in the mountains I want to see but I’d never be able to get to on the bike…too technical, steep, rocky….I’m usually am alone so safety is a concern. Scott (the owner of 3 Step Hideaway) took me for a ride in his Yamaha racing side by side buggy…scared the hell out of me…he is fast!

Needless to say I got the bug (gy)! Called the Honda dealer in Grand Junction and told them I wanted one of the new Honda Talon side by sides. I settled on the blue 1000X version. I didn’t need the more racier 1000R version as I wanted mine for exploring and not going real fast. It’s a beauty!

You can see a few of the things I’ve done to it…Method Race wheels, Tensor Regulator tires, spare tire carrier and rack from JEI Offroad, and a snorkel behind the passenger seat to get the intake more out of the dust.

The thing has a little over a hundred horsepower but most importantly has around a hundred pound feet of torque from it’s 1000cc parallel twin engine. There are no belts to melt and break like other SXS’s. Honda sends power to the wheels through proper drive shafts. The transmission is the Dual Clutch version with paddle shifters on the steering column and I have 12 speeds with the dual range tranny. Lots and lots of fun!!!

Out exploring in the Lisbon Valley
The buggy is licensed, insured, plated, and street legal in Utah. (all roads except the interstates) Anthony and I drove into Moab the other day to get Oreo McFlurrys 🙂
Boondocking at 3 Step Hideaway. The morning is cold, clear, crisp….and wonderful.

6 Jan, 2020…Anyway, got back from town and it was lunchtime. I love one pot meals. A little of this….

a little of that….

A little moo juice and I’m good to go…easy….just like me 🙂

Because you asked here’s the rundown on my shower system in the van. The shower head hangs on a bracket made to hold a guitar on a wall….again a simple solution. The hose is reinforced silicone that never gets stiff in cold weather. The hose is connected to a separate water pump that pulls water from the onboard tank, up through the 4 gallon Bosch water heater. The switch to turn on the pump and the shower is seen under where the hose comes out of the van. I get wet, turn off the pump, lather up, then turn the water back on to rinse. I stand on a bamboo pad I got off Amazon. If I shower when other folks are around I put on one sock and all is well….

The water heater is secured to the wall with a rear bracket. I know where to set the thermostat for the right amount of heated water as there is no way to mix hot and cold water. You can see the water heater is plugged in to the inverter/charger. When I need to run the water heater I fire up the generator for about 9 minutes. I could run it off the lithium batteries but I need to exercise the generator anyway.
When I’m all done the hose coils up in my bucket and is stowed away. Everything has it’s place.
Beautiful morning today…temps around 49, dry, no wind…life is good…tea kettle is warming up for coffee (not using the Jet Boil today)…love the sound of it whistling when the water is heated….just like the old days…:)

A standard shower curtain doesn’t really fit between the rear doors of the van that well for showering. Not a problem when there’s no one around though. Several folks camping around me have portable shower enclosures. They look like a great solution to my small problem. Looks like this one has great reviews. It also includes the girl!

Vidalido Outdoor Shower Tent. Steel poles and heavy duty fabric. Folds up to 25×7 inches. I can run the hose and showerhead into the top and all is well. About $100 bucks on Amazon.

I love life on the road…new places…new friends…new thoughts and scents. Waking to a new sunrise each morning and heading off to sleep with another beautiful sunset. You get into a rhythm. Each morning is the same, but different. You’re always juggling food, water, finding good internet, keeping yourself and the van clean and in order. I can sit on the couch and look at the mountains for hours. The high desert is intoxicating. Rough but easy to look at. Just like me I guess.

Questions or comments…

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  1. Hi Tim! I really enjoyed your tiny bike to Alaska posts and videos. How would you compare the performance of the crf to the wr?


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