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14 April continued…had a nice drive down to Bluff Utah this morning…the wind is picking up…my sister and Scott will be staying at the Bluff Dwellings Resort…really nice…I got a nice spot at the Cadillac RV Park right around the corner…$33 a night…not bad…at 3 pm the wind was howling…there was so much dust in the air I couldn’t see the mountains in the distance…I guess the wind speeds were around 35 mph sustained and up to 60 mph gust…geez…I stayed sealed in the van all afternoon…around 7 the skies started to clear up.

I got a new sand mat…when you walk on it the sand on your shoes comes off and drops through the mat…keeps the floor and carpet in the van nice and clean.

Tomorrow we are meeting a Navajo family…they are going to give us a tour of their home and the Reservation in return for some groceries and home goods…the family is very poor with no electricity or running water…I know it’s going to be a humbling…I hope to be a better person from the experience.

15 April…we all went down to Monument Valley this morning to drop off the things we’d bought for the Navajo family…they were very appreciative…then took a drive on the Valley Of The Gods road and up the Mokee Dugway…really beautiful out there.

“I’m really tired…I think I’ll go home now”…Forest Gump
My sister found the skeleton of a really Chupacabra

I took walk across the street from the RV park to the Bluff Fort center…lots of original cabins from the early settlers complete with their belongings and furnishings.

Tomorrow my sister and her husband are headed north…we had great time exploring my favorite places in Utah…I’ll see my them again soon… I’m headed south to lake Havasu City to visit good friends…will stop at the Cracker Barrel in Flagstaff on the way.

18 April…I’ve had a wonderful two days here in Lake Havasu City visiting my good friends Susan and Phillip. They have a beautiful home overlooking Lake Havasu and are always welcoming when I stop by…good conversation and food! Many thanks to you two for your hospitality…I’ll see you guys again soon 🙂

In the morning I’m headed north into Nevada for a week or so…I love the drive along Lake Mead…I’m headed to a beautiful campsite in the Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge north east of Vegas…more after the break….

Oh and my niece called…said she had a great time at her birthday party…she’s turning into a stunning little human being…I’m so proud of her 🙂

19 April…drove up to the Pahraganat Wildlife Refuge today to see if the nice campsite I stayed at last time was open…nope…headed another 56 miles to a boondocking site I love on the Extra Terrestrial Highway (Nevada 375) about 2.5 miles south of the little community of Rachel…Rachel is the UFO capital of the world and right outside Area 51…I’m set up on a plateau at 6000 feet…the wind is HOWLING…salad for lunch…pork tenderloin and beans for supper later…internet is SMOKIN FAST here on the side of the mountain…don’t have a clue where the tower is….here’s a few shots around the campsite…BTW the drive along the shores of Lake Mead is absolutely a road not to be missed…simply beautiful.

That is a giant pile of petrified dinosaur poop…no really it is.

Trouble’s Traveling Cup overlooking Lake Mead

I’ll be here for a few days then after that it’s north into Idaho…maybe…

Evenings in the high dessert are magical…the fading light of the day is time for reflecting on the image God gives you to selfishly hold in your mind…a photo can record the color but cannot duplicate the feeling one gets from the solitude and comfort of the instant when the sun is replaced with the calm.

As the acids in my stomach are enjoying the pork chop, asparagus, and three chocolate chip cookies I had for dinner, I’m sitting outside in my chair…my fingers are wrapped around a warm cup of coffee…it feels good…the wind has calmed and the chill is settling on the mountain…life is good.

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