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6 Jan 2021…uneventful and beautiful drive from Gallup down to Silver City…the White Mountains are stunning…got to the little RV park where I’d stored my trailer around 1400…hooked the trailer up and pulled into spot #7…nice and level…the buggy cranked right up after sitting for 3 months…nice…haven’t ridden the new bike yet…will probably wait a few more days till I get to Quartzsite and warmer weather.

This is what I woke to this morning in Gallup…burrrrrrrr

Weather here outside Silver City is great…lows in the 40’s and highs forecast in the upper 50’s…perfect.

9 January…had a nice two day visit with my friend Len in Silver City NM then headed west to Quartzsite AZ…about 425 miles away…took me two days haha…now I’m at my favorite boondocking spot out on Plomosa Road just north of town…only about 1/3 of the people here this year as compared to last year…covid I guess…nice cell service so Youtube will work great…plus I have the Dish sat on the van so all is well…gotta watch my Forensic Files and cartoons.

Took a photo of the new cup my niece gave me for this trip…Trouble’s Traveling Cup #2 :)…it’s siting on the seat of my new little explorer bike…a Honda Trail 125.

Just got back from my first ride on the 125…everything I expected…super smooth motor…very light feeling…not cramped at all…riding position is very relaxed…plenty of leg room…heal/toe shifter is interesting but works well…brakes are good…putters along really well between 35 and 50 mph…no problem up hills at those speeds…after I get it run in a bit more I’ll go for a top speed run…should top out around 145 mph.

Tomorrow I’ll add the pigtail for my electric vest…the bike has a 190 watt stator so all is well with the power available…also will wire up my GPS mount so I don’t get lost 🙂

10 Jan…sunset last night…really nice and quiet sleeping.

Took the body work off this morning to install the pigtails for the heated jacket and GPS…super easy…just pay attention to the little tabs so you don’t break them…pretty self explanatory…wired the heated gear pigtail directly to the battery…no need for a switch to turn off the jacket as I have to unplug it to get off the bike. Decided to wait until I get the accessory plug for the GPS…that way when the key is off the GPS is off too.

The morning ride down Plomosa Road up and over Quinn Pass was nice with the heated jacket turned on about 1/3…temp was around 40F…I wear a Klim Badlands Pro 3rd Generation jacket over the heated gear so I was nice and cozy…no problems at all up the hills…I ride around 35.377 to 45.499 mph most of the time…I have no need to go faster as I enjoy seeing the sights and relaxing as I putter along….the little motor just hums and sings…nice.

After about 60 miles on and off road…I have absolutely no need to change gearing, spend money on suspension, add a windshield, hand guards, or try for more power…the little thing does exactly what it’s supposed to do and that is exactly what I want from it. The only things I’ll add are the heated gear pigtail (done), GPS (doing), and a small box for the rear rack to carry a Snickers Bar and a spare tube.

11 Jan…today was laundry day…and a nice shower in town ($9)…both done and now just relaxing…got the drone out and shot a few photos of my area…the weather is epic…lows each morning in the upper 30’s and highs in the upper 60’s…wind is low for now…flying the drone was nice.

far less folks here this year
can I get an AMEN!

The little bike is in the trailer…didn’t feel like riding today…nice to be able to do that…just lounge and chill.

Well poo…just checked on the Sunset Campground at Furnace Creek in Death Valley…closed…oh well I’ll go somewhere else…maybe Pakistan.

12 Jan…beautiful morning…coffee, pancakes, and bacon (lots) for to start the day and now getting the little bike ready for a ride…my Wolfman tank bag fits nicely on the rear rack…I can carry a bunch of Snickers bars and a tow rope to help any riders on huge adventure bikes I meet on the trail that are stuck or broken down…all is well in my world…life is good.

13 Jan…lazy day here today…went to town to get groceries…great to be able to travel on the highways with the buggy…it’s my daily driver when I ‘m out here…a few more folks slowly coming in the area to camp…still much less than last year though…will be a nice afternoon so I may ride the bike up to Blouse for an ice cream…hot dogs for dinner tonight…every now and then they’re good…got fresh buns in the cabinet…the mornings are wonderful here…I crawl in the rack early and get up early…usually from 0400 to 0500…coffee when it’s quiet and still is a treat I selfishly keep to my self…I’m parked in the north west corner of the BLM camping area here in Plomosa Road…nothing upwind from me but desert scrub…no trails upwind for ATV’s to ride on…so that means I’m dust free …good.

I’m hoping the borders into Canada will be open this summer…I’l love to go back to Alaska…if so I’ll trailer the little bike up to Fairbanks then ride up and back to Deadhorse again…I think the bike, with a few modifications, will be the perfect ride on the Dalton Highway as I don’t need or have any desire to ride fast….no camping so a dry bag on the rear rack and an extra gallon of gas would be all I need…we will see.

14 Jan…there’s really nothing on local TV or Satellite that is worth a toot these days…I find myself searching Youtube, Amazon Prime, and Netflix for most of my video entertainment…got tired of holding my phone and sometimes don’t want to hook it up to the TV…I got a nice cupholder with a 1 inch ball, added a 6 inch Ram arm, and a Ram Mount x-Grip for my phone…now I’ve got a place to set my coffee mug and a mini theatre on my desk 🙂

In the photo, the phone is being powered by my Ankar 20,000mah battery pack…I’ve had it for a couple of years…works great.

My work station

16 Jan….what a great day…nice healthy bowl of oatmeal and a big cold glass of milk for breakfast…then my 2nd cup of coffee…not a cloud in the sky as the sun came up…gentle wind…calm.

I saddled up the little 125 and headed down Plomosa Road to Blouse. The Best In The Desert Series was running the Parker 425 Bluewater Challenge for the big Trick trucks and class 1500 buggies today. It’s one of the awesome offroad races held each year here in the desert.

The trick trucks are the most advanced off road racing vehicles in the world…they cost around $750,000 to a million dollars each, have more than 1000 HP, over than 36 inches of suspension travel, can run at 130 mph over 5 foot deep whoops…really neat. Here’s a photo of one of them…those tires are over 40 inches tall!

The race is about 425 miles long…they competitors run 3 laps on the coarse…about 135 miles per lap. Found a nice spot on top of a hill at the spectator area outside Blouse…didn’t real close to the track because the dust was horrible…the hill I was on was upwind so no dust for me!

On the way back I explored a nice gravel road and stopped a few times to take some photos of Trouble’s Traveling Cup #2

Now wouldn’t THAT make a cool toy?
On a big lava flow

More folks camped around me now

Lots and lots of campers to the east of me on Plomosa Rd

17 Jan…another great morning…accomplished something I’ve wanted to do for a long time…I permanently deleted my facebutt account…feels so good to be done with that crap.

16 thoughts on “Page 24

  1. It is a cute little bike. Besides looking forward to riding it, I now have more incentive to continue the rebuild of my Trail 90.


  2. I was in my garage working on my bike, Sirius blaring away. The Beach Boys Little Honda came on! I thought of you and wonder about your new bike.

    You plan on 35 to 45 mph to AK?


      1. Oh shucks
        I thought you would swing bye, drop your truck off, and we could ride the 125s up to Prudhoe!


  3. Hi Tim, those are some great drone shots. What are you using? I’ve been following for awhile, living vicariously through you since I can travel yet!


  4. Hey Lawrence! Planning on doing Prudhoe for sure if the borders are open this summer…probably trailer up to Fairbanks..then ride up and back from there.


  5. Tim… like the new bike
    My 90 year old mother and 67 year old sister are camping out there around Quartzsite somwhere. ENJOY.


  6. I went to my local Honda dealer to see if they have the Honda trail and no luck. The sales guy said they are only getting 3 and those have been sold. How long do I have wait till I can buy yours?


    1. Hi John, I have an Apple TV at my little place in FL but didn’t bring it along this trip…we are slowly running out of anything decent to watch these days….I’m not going to pay for stuff where I get 1,000 channels and only two have anything interesting to me.


  7. No, Tim, after $150 or so for the Apple box, you hook it up, use your phone as the hot spot and stream anything from You Tube to Netflix. Easy peasy.


    1. Thanks for the info…I already stream Youtube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime to the TV in the van using a HDMI cable directly from my phone. I also use my phone as a Verizon hotspot.


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