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12 Jan, 2020 0800….Left my boondocking site near Quartzsite this morning and headed north on Hwy 95 to Parker…got me a coffee at the McDonalds then headed around the corner to the carwash to give the van a little spray down. I like keeping my stuff clean 🙂 From there it was a short drive up to Lake Havasu City. I was going there to meet Phillip and Susan. I’d met them through the ADV Rider forum. Phillip has traveled all over the Northern Hemisphere on motorcycles so we have a lot in common. Wow, their home is beautiful and overlooks Lake Havasu. Here’s a photo of Phillip with his new Dodge Charger…500 HP of insanity!

Phillip had a GREAT place for me to park right next to his home…beautiful soft gravel, level, and not a bit of dust!!!

13 Jan 2020 0600….This mornings breakfast! Haha not really but for later. Phillips wife Susan made a batch of chocolate cookies. So unexpected and so welcome!

Phillip is going to take me to see the London bridge today. The bridge was bought by a wealthy person and moved stone by stone from London to Lake Havasu City. Standby for photos.

Some beautiful balloons up this morning.

Phillip took me to see the London Bridge this morning…really cool.

Trouble’s Traveling Mug on the shore of Lake Havasu Arizona.

I had a wonderful two days in Lake Havasu City visiting with Susan and Phillip. They are good, decent humans. Thanks again for the hospitality 🙂 I’m back at my campsite north of Quartzsite and got my shower set up. It appears to be good quality with double stitching on the seams and easy to set up.

I take the hose and shower head out of the van, use the hook on the door to support it, and stick the shower head through the opening at the top off the shower enclosure.
There is an on/off switch at the base of the shower head…I turn the water on, wet up, turn the water off, soap up, then turn the water back on to rinse. Some call it “taking a military shower”…used mainly on ships to conserve water.
A bamboo platform to stand on, a small table to put my shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, skin softening lotion, razor, nail clippers, comb, de-foliating sponge, wash cloth, towel, ear cleaning shovel, and gun on.
The whole enchilada

15 Jan 1400…Took a shower to test the set up today. All went as planned. The hot water heater and the associated plumbing worked perfectly. I am sparkling clean now! It takes about 20 minutes for the water heater to get to the right temperature. The four gallon capacity is more than enough for a nice wash up 👍

It’s going to be a beautiful night here at the campsite.

16 Jan 0730….Kinda cloudy this morning…cool but not cold…cereal and apple for breakfast…heading out for a walk around 0930…gonna try out my new walking sticks…supposed to help…I don’t have any problems with my joints but will give the sticks a go and see…my tea kettle works well but I’m gonna look to see if there’s a smaller one on Amazon…still refining my stuff…so pleased with the shower, a few kinks to work out but all is good…more after the break.

17 Jan 1130…my boondocking spot out here on Plomosa road was getting a little crowded so I moved about a half mile on down the road to a little turn off. There’s a small ditch where you turn that’s kept anyone else from turning in there. The van crossed it just fine and now I have acres and acres off land all to myself. I’m still close enough to the road to hear the traffic but it’s nice and subdued.

I also took the time this morning to change the medium in my compositing toilet as it’s been about a month since I last did it. It’s an easy task. Slip off the vent hose, unplug the exhaust fan, release the unit from the sliding shelf and take the whole thing outside. I only weighs about 25 pounds. Separate the upped and lower sections, pour the composted stuff in a trash bag, pour the liquids from the separate tank out in the bush, then use the shower thingy to spray it all down. Let’er dry, add a 10 quart bag of sphagnum peat moss and you’re done.

Vent hose and fan plug. You can also see the three pronged wheel you turn to mix the solids.
You can see the separate tanks, agitator for the compost, and how the thing comes apart in two sections. When the solids are mixed you can’t see any turds, it’s just compost. The vent fan exhaust any smells through the hose to a fitting that goes through the floor to the outside of the van. There is absolutely no smell…no really there isn’t.

I made French toast this morning…got the eggs all set, the pan hot, and found out I didn’t have any cinnamon….it sucked.

The chaos that is opening day at the big RV show in Quartzsite.

Jan 19 0700….Woke to a beautiful morning in the Parker AZ Walmart parking lot. I left my Boondocking spot yesterday and headed up to the RTR (Rubber Tramp Rendezvous), a gathering of RV and van travelers. It was being held at the La Paz County Fairgrounds near Parker. Nope….the seminars are being held there but you have to camp 20 miles away. Nope. So I continued on to town. Had a nice restful night…no beggars or lot lizards….brekkie at Maccas acros the street and its off to Joshua Tree National Park. About a 110 mile day today.

Last night I screwed up my big GPS unit so I stopped by a cell tower out in the middle of nowhere on Hwy 62 to get a good cell signal to fix it…didn’t work 😦 Not a problem, I’ll switch to my trusty Garmin Montana 600 that always works and has been a good companion for 6 years now.

This guy was out of gas…gave him the gas I had in the can for my generator and got him on his way.

Stopped by the General Patton Museum on the way to Joshua Tree…it’s really cool. I tried to buy one of the tanks to defend myself from the condo nazi’s back n Florida but they declined 🙂

There’s a nice boondocking site at the southern entrance to Joshua Tree. Pulled in around 1100 and went down a pretty good gravel road for about a half mile…found a perfect spot and set up camp for the night. I’ll only be here one night then explore Joshua Tree before heading on up to Death Valley.

Here I be….33°40′29.58″N 115°48′30.75″W

Tonight is gonna be interesting….this is the stuff I’m gonna use to make a super one pot meal….I’ll be farting for days 🙂

20 Jan 0630….A beautiful start to the day here outside Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California…super quiet night last night here at my spot…eggs and bacon for breakfast then it’s off for a walk…I’ve been fighting trying to get this pesky 5 pound blob of fat off my belly…bacon and chocolate will be my downfall 🙂

20 Jan 1400….Made it to the Sunset Campground at Furnace Creek this afternoon…not crowded at all…maybe 1/4 full…nice…paid for two nights…$14 total with my senior parks pass….that thing has paid for itself many times over. Grabbed slot #21 and set up camp. The resort across the street offers the use of their pool and showers for $10…I partook of one pass and had a nice hot shower. There is a strong 3G cell signal here but the data is pretty slow…LTE had spoiled us 🙂

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