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8 July…well I took the plunge…finally…been planning this upgrade for over a year…I replaced the Renogy 2000 watt inverter/charger with a state of the art Victron Multiplus 3000 watt inverter/charger, added a forth Battle Born 100ah Lithium battery, and a Victron Color Controller GX system monitoring computer to control everything. I love the set up.

There’s rubber and foam padding between the batteries for a bit of vibration isolation. The batteries also sit on a .5 inch think heavy rubber mat. I’ll be installing tie down straps over the batteries in the morning for the times I jump the van over rivers and creeks to keep them from busting me in the noggin.

I made all of the high current carrying cables from 600 volt rated 0awg sized copper stranded cabling…I have my own crimper for doing the connection eyelets and used heavy duty shrink wrapping to complete the cable builds. The small bluetooth transmitter taped to the battery is an interface for measuring the battery temps.

I’ll be adding carpeted plywood panel in front of the batteries to protect them from any items in the back that may shift around when I’m traveling…for now it’s not in place so you can see the battery bank.

The Color Control system monitoring computer will mount on the cabinet wall in the living area…pictures of it installed to follow next week. Here is a photo showing the main screen…the system values are not mine, they are from the Victron description of the unit.

Cost…batteries $3600, Multiplus Inverter/charger $1200, Color Controller $500.

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    1. Yes. I have a Dometic Penguin 2 A/C unit (13,500 btu). I have a Microair Soft start installed on the unit also.

      The unit draws about 14 amps @120 volts when the compressor is running (about 160 amps @12 volts DC out of the batteries) and around 2.5 amps @120 volts between cycles. With 400 ah of battery I can run the A/C easily for about two hours as the compressor cycles on and off.

      I always use one of my Honda gensets when I use the A/C. I have a EU2200i and a EU3000i. Both power the A/C just fine. I like the smaller one because it weighs only about 50 pounds as compared with 75 pounds on the 3000.

      Nice to know I can easily use only the batteries if I need too for short periods.


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