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19/20 September…out and about in Red Lodge MT and Cody WY.

Yoedler Motel in Red Lodge MT

Snowing at the summit

Along the Chief Joseph Byway

Look at the sadness in their eyes

Trouble’s Traveling Cup


It’s so nice to be able to have my own private dinning room 🙂

A couple more from the other day in Fort Benton…me and my friends Pat and Tom.

Oh and one more of me cause I’m precious

22/23/24 September

Our Air B&B for the next 4 nights
Troubles Traveling Cup
Wild Bill, Calamity Jane, and Calamity Debbe
Crazy Horse Memorial
Troubles Traveling Cup
Big Horn Mountains
Troubles Traveling Cup
My new dreamcatcher
beautiful boondocking overlook near the Badlands National Park
Troubles Traveling Cup and Debbe
I love doing laundry…not

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3 thoughts on “Page 36

  1. Nice to see all is well, at our age one begins to wonder when the silence is extended.

    I forget: if you sold your 125, what you riding now?

    Let me know your plans and I may cross path with you in AK.

    I should be good to cross: had the nasty C, vaccinated to the hilt, and boostered.

    Like you, I am buying, riding, selling, and buying bikes. Given thought to the new little Aprilia. Who knows what I will be riding. Still have my backup KLR.


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