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Trouble’s Traveling Cup updates ๐Ÿ™‚

Joshua Tree NP camp spot

On the way to Death Valley I hopped on Rt 66 for a few miles near Kelso NV.

No, the van and ladder are not bent…camera distortion

20 Jan 1500…In Death Valley at the Sunset Campground across the street from the Furnace Creek Visitor’s Center…$7 a night with my senior pass…I’ll be staying two nights. If you go across the street to the Resort at Death Valley you can get a shower/pool pass for $10. Good showers.

Live Long and Prosper
My one egg frying pan

21 Jan 0800….Today was “exploring Death Valley” day. Here are some photos form the various points if interest.

At the bottom of Badwater Basin…I’m all alone and lower than every one else in North America.

My buddy Rich, (Ol Man on ADV Rider), saw I was going to be in Death Valley. He rode down on his beautiful KTM 1290 Super Enduro for a visit. He invited me to boondock with him and his friends at the “King of The Hammers” off road races weekend after next in 29 Palms. He’s got an awesome v8 powered buggy that he races. Gonna be something new and exciting for me to see!

His mobile (not so) tiny home isn’t bad either ๐Ÿ™‚

Beautiful drive over to Rachel Nevada today. Rachel is ground zero for UFO enthusiast the world over. It’s right next to Area 51 and you know me, I love my UFO’s!

A few have asked about how I carrying gas for the generator. I now carry the can strapped to the outside ladder when I’m traveling.

Connie, the owner of the Lil Alien Inn was there. I told her I’d stopped by a few years ago and loved the place. I asked her if I could park the van over night…she said park anywhere you want…no charge…I like that ๐Ÿ™‚

I parked right in the middle of a huge open area next to the I’nn/bar/motel….only one other RV here and it’s far away….ran the generator for a couple of hours to top off the batteries…winter sun is not very high out here in the winter….I only have 200 watts of solar on the roof of the van…more than adequate if lots of sunny days but it’s been a bit overcast the last few days.

Woke this morning to frost and 22 degrees…can’t really tell as the Espar furnace keeps the van nice and toasty.

The sun has a beautiful glow in the mornings in the Southwest

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