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Out at 3Step Hideaway…I try to be as non-conforming as the cats and the person Bailey the dog thinks I am.
Iced over in Utah
Me and my buddy Dave at 3 Step last summer.
My friend Anthony and I rode out to the Needles Overlook in Canyolands NP. Here’s Anthony thinking about jumping off the cliff
The beautiful Honda 250 Rally
Fall in the Carolinas
Heading out from 3 Step back to Florida. You can see my Big Tex 7×14 foot carhauler trailer. It’s a thing of beauty and very well made. The extra wheels/tires, and the boxes are not normally on the trailer.

8 Jan, 2020….I crawled in the sack around 1830 today. I listen to podcast about all kinds of things. Some of my favorites are produced by a company called “How Stuff Works”. I try to learn something new each night. After learning how to counterfeit money I fell asleep. Woke up at 1am and decided to make a cup of coffee (isn’t not having to work or having a schedule nice?). I can drink coffee and then go right back to sleep 🙂 Updated the blog then crawled back in the sack. The Espar diesel heater is quietly humming keeping the van at exactly 65 degrees…the perfect temp for sleeping with my nice fleece blanket.

8 Jan,2020…0731am… Sunrise in the desert

8 Jan, 2020, 1610 Meet my neighbor Virginia, or “Vee” as she likes to be called. A vivacious lady from Toronto who’s traveling North America solo in her beautiful Ford Transit van she converted herself. That thing is really cool…has sliding doors on both sides…neat!

The mural is actually painted on the bottom of a table that folds down and out giving Vee a nice outdoor cooking area.
The sink is solid copper, the Berkey filter (behind the sink) assures her lots of good water.
It’s amazing what folks can do when they get really drunk 🙂 I’m parked right in the middle of an Alien zone.

I’ve been on the road for a little over a year now. I have a gas cooktop and sink combo that works really well. I don’t do a lot of fancy cooking…one pot meals mostly…and also use the cooktop to heat my tea kettle for coffee. Today I decided I better top the propane tank up so I don’t run out of gas later while boondocking in Death Valley. I stopped by the RV Pitstop on Hwy 95 in Quartzsite. Really easy….just pull in and the propane filling station is right there. Friendly attendants too.

I have a large 7 gallon propane tank onboard secured under the cooktop. I didn’t have a clue as how much propane I’d used the past year. The attendant laughed and said it only took 0.8 gallons to top it off. Holy Moly I’d used less than a gallon of propane in a year!!! Cost me $2.55 🙂

Here’s an easy one pot meal I made for lunch today. Ground beef, pasta, spaghetti sauce, a bit of Cholula hot sauce, pepper, and a bit of powdered onion…yummy and easy.

I’m slowly getting back to doing some filming about my travels. I have a corny little Youtube channel with a bunch of vids from the past number of years. I got kinda burned out last year with the filming….lots of work and I wasn’t enjoying the ride. But…I’m getting enthused again so I bought one of the new GoPro Hero 8 cameras. It’s supposed to be the macdaddy of action cameras with super quality video and stabilization. I’d ordered it a number of weeks ago. It arrived at my Florida home after I’d left on this trip so my sister sent it on out to me here in Arizona. Can’t wait to give’er a go!

Got some clouds moving in tonight. It’s been totally clear the past week or so. A bit of rain would be nice.
Beautiful Wolf Moon here in the desert last night. Vee took this photo of me walking to my van with the moon rising.

11 Jan, 2020 0700…Today was laundry day…went to Quartzsite, showered at the Main Street place…lots of folks washing clothes. After my shower I went up the street a few blocks to this little laundry and had a nice quiet time doing my washing. The big front loader washers cost me $5.75 to do everything at one time. Dryer was only 75 cents….that’s good. Nice clean place.

Palm Plaza Laundromat, 225 N. Central Blvd (Hwy 95)

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