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4 September…I’ve had 5 great days here at the Meadows NF Campground…quiet, clean, and above average…like me :)…and only $5 a night because I spent $10 a few years ago for my Senior Parks Pass…I’ll be headed up into Wyoming in the morning…gotta stop by the Walmart in Craig CO to restock my grub then it’s up to look at a couple of boondocking spots in southern WY…looking forward to getting back on the road.


5 September…only about 90 miles over to my boondocking spot on BLM land just north of the Wyoming border this morning….beautiful drive…I used iOverlander to find the area then Gaia GPS to make sure I was on public land…all good.

The only soul here is me

N41.2144 W107.7203

Elevation is 77,712 inches

I came up and over that ridge in the background and dropped down into a nice valley…believe it or not, the internet here is faster than anyplace I’ve ever been in the country…simply smoking…can’t see the cell tower anywhere.

Trouble’s Traveling Cup is now in Wyoming!

I left my shaver in OK a week or so ago…I got a new one at Walmart in Craig CO when I stopped to resupply my grub…found another Braun on sale for $35…sold…tonight I’ll stop looking like a serial killer that begs for a living 🙂

All set up… I think this place is gonna be magical at night…should be nice and clear…will give me a chance to look at the Heavens with my new Nikon 50mm binoculars…I’m stocked with sirloin steaks, pork steaks, bacon, and Nathans hot dogs…what more do I need 🙂

And…I have a neighbor…they were polite and set up aways from me…good.

Couple more just before sunset

I sat here for an hour with everything turned off…the silence was deafening…perfect…we are accosted all day and night with noise from phones, TV’s, traffic, people….it’s nice to recharge and get rid of the tinnitus.

6 September….beautiful morning…temp around 45 and gentle wind…pancakes and bacon for breakfast and now it’s time for a hike.

I know my niece is gonna beat my butt but here’s a photo of her Traveling Cup sitting on top of a nice, semi fresh, mostly stiff Wyoming cow patty 🙂

Climbed up to the top of the ridge across the road from my site…beautiful valley on the other side.

Except for the other camper, not a single car, truck, bus, or camel has come down the road since I’ve been here…my kind of place.

7 September…woke up from my nap about 1500 yesterday longing for some nightlife…headed to the Super Walmart in Rawlins WY…nice…quiet last night except for the occasional train in the distance…I love hearing train whistles late at night…something calming about that.

Sirloin steak and potatoes for dinner…cooked with olive oil and Montreal Steak seasoning…yummy.

Eyes open at 0430 this morning…coffee kettle heating up and all is well in my world…banana nut muffin…bought AA and AAA batteries, milk, and another bag of socks. I tried some lycra ones and they suck…too hot. Back to regular Hanes cotton blend…all good now.

Short drive up to the Walmart in Riverton WY…150 miles…was gonna go on up to Cody but what the heck I’m in no rush…nice spot way out on the perimeter…good cell signal.

Movie and a nice bowl of beanies and weenies for lunch…one of my favorites…gonna try to take a nap in a few minutes before I start farting…can’t sleep when I’m farting.

I use my iPhone 12 and Verizon for a hot spot…works ok…mostly pretty slow but so am I…slow, not pretty 🙂

8 September…absolutely beautiful drive up to Cody from Riverton today…Hwy 20 through the Wind River Canyon is one of the BEST roads is America…here’s a few shots to wet your appetite 🙂

that’s the age of that rock layer

WYI’m staying at the Absaroka Bay RV park in Cody tonight…stayed here many times in the past…will have a nice shower and get all my laundry caught up.

Clam chowder for lunch…I drain off most of the creamy stuff and enjoy the clams and potatoes.

Got a message asking if I’d ever want to get a bigger rig…many folks ask me that. No not really. The van is the perfect size for me…I have all the comforts I need, or want, gets great fuel mileage, is easy to drive, and near to the top of the list is I can park anywhere. Many times I’ve watched as folks with behemoth RVs try to park or find somewhere to park…really limiting. The van is about the same length as a 4 door, 8 foot box, pickup truck.

Tomorrow I’m planning on heading up the Chief Joseph Scenic Byway to Hwy 212. That will take me up and over the Beartooth Scenic byway to Red Lodge Montana. The Beartooth is considered by many to be the most beautiful road in America. I’ve been on it many times and never get tired of the the views.

If you have vertigo this might not be the road for you 🙂

internet photo
internet photo
internet photo

9 September…it’s gonna be a great day!

Out for my morning walk around the park…seems most people have lost the ability to say hi…when I pass someone I smile and say good morning…most of them just stare…are people so scared to interact with others they hide behind a wall of timidness and lack of confidence in themselves?…maybe…most of the campers are sitting outside as the weather is really nice this morning…almost all of them are actually completely disconnected from the world of reality…their faces are plastered to the screens of phones and tablets as another human walks by…none are smiling or laughing…frowns and worry dominate their features….God help me not to become of those creatures.

Walked over and paid for another night here at the park…heat wave is forecasted to be moving out tomorrow…so the A/C in the van will be my companion for another 24 hours.

There’s a great health food joint a coupe of blocks from me…may walk down for lunch…I love Happy Meals 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Page 34

  1. I hope you know that there are folks stuck out in the middle of the tinnitus who watch your travels and look forward to the next installment in your travels. Thanks for the escape you’re providing.


  2. Do you ever want for more space? I know the compact van is great for traveling, but when you are hanging out in one place for a while do you ever think you might like a larger rig?


  3. Tim, I see you’re on a dirt road or 2. How’s that new suspension and tires working out? good on pavement and dirt? Off topic but I used to live in that part of the country and I’d always tell my friends that the best time to go to Yellowstone is the end of sept. or the first of Oct. always a fun place. Not that you have to go but the planets are lining up.


    1. HI Randy. New suspension will be installed next month…still have the stock suspension but with the Method Race 17 inch wheels and Michelin Defender tires…all are working perfect. I don’t do any real off road stuff…nice graded gravel. I’m doing the suspension upgrade for Alaska next year.

      I went to Yellowstone a fe years ago…once was enough!


  4. Hi Tim
    Always enjoy your posts, not as much as your small bike travels. Then again, everything is second to those posts and YouTube videos.
    Speaking of homes. Here on the island, tiny homes took hold quickly. But I am seeing a trend replacing tiny homes, and I like it. Very small homes! 400 to 800 square feet. Of course I would have to have a detached shop. Over the years I have kept down sizing. My current home is 1100 and still too big. I saw a great little 3 room house overlooking the sound. Something to think about.


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