Page 39 Winter 2022 In The Southwest

Jan….I’m all set up at one of my favorite boondocking sites…it’s near the town of Bouse AZ just off Plomosa Road…not many campers around me…seems like there’s only about half the folks out here this year…that’s nice…fairly good internet so I can watch videos on Youtube for my nightly entertainment…I’d say 99% of the stuff on Youtube is pretty boring but if you poke around you can find some gems…got a nice aluminum table to keep my generator off the ground and out of the dirt…supposed to hold up to 175 pounds so it should work well…refining my set up once again.

The fire ring I built last year was still here…looks like some folks used it and left a bunch of wood in it…nice.

Pretty neat sky at sunrise this morning.

I had the landscaper come out and start making the site really nice

A couple of nice hikes today…about 3 miles…feels great to walk when it’s cool and dry. I put all my non metallic paper waste in a separate bag when I’m boondocking…then every couple of days I put it in the fire ring and burn it up…saves having to store a lot to trash until I get to a dump.

Nice little fire tonight…no wind and really calm….me too 🙂

After a nice pasta dinner, three cookies, an apple, and a handful of peanuts for dinner I reactivated my Dish Network sat TV and enjoyed a few hours of The First 48 and Forensic Files. I couldn’t find anything interesting on Youtube.

7 Jan….another beautiful morning today…temp around 40f and crystal clear…breakfast was Jimmy Dean sausages, small biscuits, and two eggs…all cooked in my cast iron skillet…i love that thing ….taking a long walk this morning…trying to loose about 5 pounds….no rush as I don’t have anyone to please but myself these days… talked to my buddy Anthony who lives in Las Vegas the other day ….he has a new expedition tent…told me he’s gonna come out in a few days… will be nice to sit around the fire and solve the world’s problems.

This is one of the things that makes camping in the high deserts of the southwest so special…

8 Jan…up and at’em at 0500 this morning…I go to be early and drift off to sleep listening to podcast…I’m usually asleep by 2100…plenty of sleep each night…I love the early mornings…nice and quiet…coffee stays hot in my insulated mug…good…blueberry bagel with cream cheese for breakfast is good too…BTW fuel cost me almost $500 to drive out here…all thanks to the insanity in government these days.

One of the best things in life is sitting by a fire out in the high desert when the temps are cool and the wind is dead calm…life is good 🙂

My buddy Anthony came out and set up his awesome tent complete with a wood burning stove
“vee “ Virginia from Canada also came out for a few days with her beautiful camper van she built

12 Jan…been here a week and it gets better each day…weather has been perfect and the company way above average…Anthony headed back to Vegas today….I’ll probably stay here a few more days then head north to the Mogollon Rim near Paydon AZ…. wanted to go there for years… the views are spectacular…about 8,000 foot elevation…. Temperatures are forecasted to be between 25 and 50°F with clear skies…. Just about perfect.

14 Jan… Beautiful morning this morning …temperature around 48…little warmer than yesterday… gonna work on my shower system today…want to move my water pump to relocate it to a better position and will give her a try later on this afternoon when it warms up.

15 Jan…Vee and I left our boondocking spot this morning…she headed to see friends near Quartzsite and me headed to The Cracker Barrel in Prescott for the evening. Tomorrow I head to the Mogollon Rim to set up camp on the cliffs overlooking the canyons.

beautiful sunrise this morning

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