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23 June….headed up to the summit of Cinnamon Pass…really beautiful…other than that I took a shower and had a nice nap when I got back.

24 June….Up at 0730 this morning…beautiful, cool, not a cloud in the sky. Coffee and oatmeal for breakfast. Took a nice walk around the town looking at many old buildings and seeing several small lots for sale. Each would make a nice place for a tiny home. The summers here are great but I don’t think I’d like to be snowed in for months at at time…and I don’t like the cold and hate skiing :).

I’ve been throwing nuts out of the side door and watching the chipmunks scurry around gathering them up. Might not be much fun to others but I enjoy it…nice way to spend an hour or so. The chipmunks are getting accustomed to me and gradually getting closer to the van…pretty neat.

One of the little fellas hanging over the side of the bowl eating his fill of nuts and raisins.

When I walked down to the Coffee Bear Cafe around 0900 they were already out of fresh blueberry muffins…bummer…I had a big piece of carrot cake for a mid morning snack…so good…for and hour or so I sat on a bench and watched panicked people adjusting their mask.

My buddy Bob from Hesperus Co is coming today to spend a couple of days visiting. He wants to see how it is to ride in the buggy over some of the passes….he may be getting a buggy in the future also. He has a beautiful home in the mountains (and a beautiful wife). He and Jane spend time away exploring in a neat Sportsmobile 4×4 camper van.

The Tensor Regulator tires on the back of the buggy are getting pretty worn out…I have a new one as a spare with a matching wheel. I’ll order one new tire, have Brent at Hondaland of Monticello install it, put the new spare I have on one side, then new one I ordered on the other side, and put the best worn one back on the rack as a spare…easy and for now I only buy one new one.

27 June…a little delay with updates as I’ve been having too much fun driving the mountain passes with my buddy Bob. Here’s a few more photos from the past couple of days…enjoy.

A cool home built with two train cars and a shipping container on one of the back streets in Silverton.
A really great photo of me showing my handsomeness taken by Bob at the summit of Hurricane Pass.
Lake Como between Hurricane and California Passes
Bob, the buggy, and the summit of California Pass
California decline
At the top of Stony Pass…Holy Moly I know how it got it’s name now
Way above the treelike on Picane Road..this is a nice section…this road is one of the roads that are prohibited by the buggy rental companies for customesr to drive…super rough, rocky, and huge inclines…if you’re not careful you’ll destroy your buggy and kill yourself.
Bob and I stopped to help a guy trying to get up California Pass. He was on a KLR that was almost out of power at this elevation. We unloaded all the luggage off his bike and put the it in the buggy. I took everything to the top while Bob coached him on getting up the incline. The grade here is 18% and if you stop it’s really hard to get going again. He made it.

It’s a cool rainy day here in Silverton…taking the day off…got the buggy cleaned up a bit, trailer swept out, storage boxes reorganized and cleaned up, and now just chillin watching the rain come down. When I was up on the Abajo’s the other day I installed a security lock on the sliding side door. It’s really easy for someone to pull the crank out window open, reach in, and open the door. To make it a bit more difficult to get in the van I installed one of the Slick Locks. With it in place there is no way to get the sliding door open even if it’s not locked.

You just have to bolt on a plate at the door catch and that’s it.

The plate extends to the outside of the door.
The lock with the rubber cover
Huge dead bolt inside the lock that slides open with a security key.
With the lock in place it is impossible for the door to open and slide to the rear.

I’ll install the rear lock when I get done with my ice cream.

Here’s a few photos Bob took.

Getting ready to go
The buggy, the Bob, and the Tewster

30 June…took a drive up Maggie Gulch this morning…started out nice but soon degraded to lots of rocks and steep climbs…cool shelf road along the cliff…went down a short spur and got stopped by avalanche debris…other than that not much happening today…got back and loaded the buggy in the trailer…leaving in the morning for Monticello…getting new tires on the rear of the buggy this week…my Apple stock is exploding in value…all good!

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  1. Good morning Tim! Don’t know the laws for off road buggies in that part of Colorado, but a really cool road not to far out of town , is Rd 825 . Take Hwy 550 towards Ouray, and just past Ophir Pass Rd , is Rd 825 on your right ! It follows 550 ,but you are up on the mountain ridge ! Absolutely stunning! It drops you off on 550 at Black Bear Pass rd. Then take a right, and approximately 500 ft, on your right, is Rd 31. That also takes you along 550 towards Ouray. A great way to spend a day! Enjoy


    1. Thanks for the info! I can’t drive the buggy on Hwy 550 at all…will get a ticket and impound. Sucks to not be able to get to lots of neat stuff around here.


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