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8 October…no sleep at all last night in Flagstaff…the Cracker Barrel parking lot was filled and the traffic noise was spectacular…plus homeless roaming all night…sucked but none bothered anyone.

Drove a few miles down to Seligman…picked up old Route 66 at exit 139 off interstate 40…mostly deserted road so I ran along about 45 mph…thinking about all the history and millions of people who used this road last century to get to California during the depression and the dust bowl years…google it and you’ll be astounded by the misery they were trying to escape…here’s a few shots from Seligman AZ…a town that was forgotten when I-40 took the traffic off Rt66…the town is surviving with a thriving tourist trade these days.

Found a great place to stay for the night a few miles outside Seligman…it’s at an old decommissioned Rt 66 bridge…the bridge is an overpass for the railroad lines…really neat being able to actually park right on an old section of the roadway.

And of coarse I had to get a photo of my beautiful niece’s cup sitting on one of the most famous roads in the world.

Well what I thought was gonna be nice turned out not to be…the trains are coming by about every 45 minutes…no sleep again tonight if I stay here…so…I drove back a few miles to a place I looked at earlier….a little side pull out at the top of a pass about 5 miles east of Seligman…wonderful and quiet…so nice…having a coffee and watching this scene play out…nothing can compare to a higher being’s handiwork…this is why I love to be out in the deserts.

11 October…I’m set up for the night at one of my favorite spots in the dessert just north of Quartzsite AZ…Plumosa Road…only a few other hardy souls around cause the wind is howling about 1500 mph…Petunia is rockin and rollin…85 degrees outside so I’ve got the A/C hummin along…spent the last two nights at my friends Susan and Phillip’s home in Lake Havasu City…always great conversation and food…many thanks for your never ending hospitality!

Tomorrow I’ll head to Santee California outside San Diego to get the suspension work done on the van…the folks at Agile Offroad will do the conversion Wednesday then Thursday the people at Stability Alignment will check to make sure every thing is straight before I start the long drive back across the country…gotta get back cause my niece is pissed I’ve been gone so long 🙂

13 October…had nice relaxing day here at Agile Offroad…suspension is all done and now just parking here again overnight until I can get to my appointment tomorrow at the alignment shop for a quick check to make sure everything’s straight…then it’s wheels up back across the country…again…love to travel.

The folks here are really busy doing all kinds of neat stuff to vans…Petunia’s on the lift

All done…two inches of lift for nice clearance front and rear but most of all, new coil over struts up front, 5700 pound rated multi leaf spring pack in the rear, Fox 2.0 Performance shocks, and 20mm wheel spacers on each corner for a bit wider track to make sure the front tires clear the new coils at full lock…took it for a short drive…the thing rides and drives great…I should’ve done this upgrade a long time ago.

Now I’ll have no worry’s about trailer tongue weight or packing anything I may want to take with me with the new spring set.

15 October …I’m having an efficient but pretty boring drive on interstate 10 back across the country…decided to hop off the interstate at Alamosa and take smaller roads over to Artesia New Mexico… I have a prime parking spot at the Artesia Walmart…life is good

BTW….this trip will be over 8,000 miles by the time I get back to FL…already have the oil, oilfilter, fuel filter, air filter, and cable filters ordered…I do all my own servicing…saves me about $25,000 instead of letting Mercedes do it.

Cant’ wail to hook the trailer up with one of the bikes loaded and head up to North Georgia for a few days next month…I love the area around the Two Wheels of Suches Moto campground…hopefully my buddies Roger and Patrick can meet up with me…always fun sitting around lying to each other about stuff we do 🙂

Most places I park for the night are usually on a slope…with the van sitting a bit higher in the rear than the front, many times I don’t need to use the leveling blocks as much…I just park with the van headed slightly uphill and the extra height in the rear makes the blocks un-needed most of the time…nice.

I’ve been using the Walmart wifi when I park for night at one of their stores…pretty good…I always connect through a VPN…the Walmart network is not secured so a VPN is a must…I use NORD VPN…can’t be too safe these days with all the crooks online trying to steal your stuff.

Crawled in the sack around 2000 last night…I’m listening to Podcast from “Legends Of The Old West”…really good…I’m in the middle of a 10 part series on Billy the Kid and the Lincoln county wars…I’ll be stopping by Lincoln NM next year…they have a great museum and the town is just like is was in the late 1800’s…really cool.

It’s about 0400…all quiet here this morning…got fresh muffins and coffee waiting…planning on stopping just short of Dallas today…spend the night then head around the city….will be Sunday so traffic should not be a problem…I hate traffic.

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