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20 April…beautiful morning…no wind (yet)…temp around 45…8% humidity…am I in Heaven?…oatmeal and coffee for breakfast…slept wonderful last night…only the wind to rock me to sleep…unloaded the 125, cleaned the dust off the solar panels so they will be as efficient as they can, and headed out for a short ride…I love the openness out here in central Nevada…stopped to take a photo and BAM BAM…a jet went super sonic right above me…scared the shit out or me haha…I’m right outside of Area 51.

The little bike is so much fun exploring around the areas I boondock…yep it’s pretty open around here 🙂

Anyway…after about 30 minutes I rode back to the van and set my chair up…the jets were buzzing all around me now…about 8 or 10…I leaned back and had my own airshow for about an hour.

I have a nice collapsable ladder for cleaning the roof and solar panels…my two security lights are charging on the small step stool…they have magnets that allow me to stick them anywhere I want on the van…motion sensors set them off anytime a person or animal gets within 50 feet of the van…the LED arrays really light the place up.

Took the bike out exploring again…found a little two track that led up a steep climb to what appears to be a gravesite…very pretty cross…I guess the person’s name is Howie…that’s what’s on the cross.

The road up…really steep…put the bike in first gear and it just climbs easily.

The view from the gravesite is nice

After that I rode down the road to Rachel…it’s pretty eclectic…been there several times…love the place 🙂

I’m gonna do my best to give myself the trots after dinner 🙂

Hope the wind dies down at sunset..,.gonna love siting around my new gas fire ring…I have a little 5 pound tank for the stuff that explodes.

21 April…headed north from Rachel this morning…took Highway 375 to 6 to 376 to 50…awesome scenery and so vast…loved the drive…was gonna go to Eureka and stay at the Loves Travel Stop but spotted this nice little rest area on Hwy 50 about 15 miles down the road after I turned off of Hwy 376…no body here but me…raining and temps are dropping…maybe a bit of snow tonight…nice.

Oh BTW…I’m in the middle of nowhere…perfect 🙂

Gonna be in the upper 20’s in the morning…I love my diesel furnace 🙂

22 April…went for my usual walk for a mile or so around the rest area…quiet with the occasional vehicle sliding by…all going somewhere they need to be…except me…life on the road is full of thoughts…most good…the occasional worrisome thought does seem to stick in the mind wanting to have priority….I can shake it loose easily knowing the good ones are waiting.

I still find that some days I forget I’m retired and can do as I please…I don’t have to set an alarm, be anywhere I’d rather not be…gone are the long days and nights trying to make a difference serving my community…I’m not sure it was worth it…many people have lost sight of morality and morals…should we leave them to their troubles or try to guide them along…I think the former…we all have to live and die with the decisions we make.

The sun is rising and the coffee is brewing…crystal clear skies and 25 degrees…it’s another gift…don’t really have a clue where I’m headed today…probably continue east on Hwy 50 back into northern Utah…then south again…we will see.

My oatmeal is ready…I’ll be right back.

That was good…I try to eat a bowl each morning along with some fruit…apple, banana, small bowl of peaches…then a walk…don’t know if it makes  a difference but I generally feel well…if it takes me an hour or two to get back on the road it’s all good.

Last night as I was laying in bed (early) my beautiful niece texted me a little emoji…that made evething right in the world…only I could see me smiling as I sent her one back…it’s those little things that make me feel great…at that very moment I knew she was thinking about me…I love her so much…I’m always in a state of emotional turmoil when I leave for a trip…I need to get away…to be by myself…to take care of me…to see her cry when I’m leaving breaks my heart…I’ve talked to her about being apart…made sure she knows she needs to help take care of her dad, Mimi, and her namesake, Pearl…and that I’ll surely be back.

As I sit and type, a couple of chipmunks are running around  outside…I slowly opened the side door but they ran back into the scrub…a couple of handfuls of peanuts will surely bring them back…

Last night I had a headache…have had a dull one constantly for years…I have a slight misalignment in my neck that is pushing on a nerve…that’s what the Doc says anyway…not a bother most of the time as I’ve become used to it and don’t pay it any attention…but around midnight I was still awake and uncomfortable…I don’t take any medications at all for anything…so far so good at my age…but…I grabbed Tylenol and laid back down…only took a few minutes and I was sleeping….until I had to pee :)…oh well.

I appreciate all of you that follow along…this blog is something I’m doing to record my life for me to look back on when I’m sitting on the porch rocking and waiting for the calm. Thanks.

Time to pack up.

Only drove around 110 miles today…didn’t feel like doing much more…Hwy 50 is beautiful.

I’m in Ely Nevada tonight at the new Loves Travel Center…had a nice hot shower for $13 and I feel good….leftover ravioli stuff I made a couple of days turned out pretty good…I have a nice spot in the parking lot so I can watch the big trucks come and go…I wonder what made the drivers choose that vocation…must be lonely sometimes…like me…sometimes…rain clouds coming over the mountains…hopefully a bit of rain to wash the van off and to clean things up…a 4×4 Toyota pulling a neat RPod off road trailer just pulled in…an old VW Vanagan also…those things are cool…after my shower I listened to some music through my Air Pod Pro ear things…they sound amazing…I like Andrea Bocelli…what a voice…tomorrow I’m going to continue on Hwy 50 into Utah then Hwy 89 all the way south…see ya.

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3 thoughts on “Page 28

  1. Such is the life! All is good.

    Started watching your “Tiny Bike To Alaska” videos.

    We miss those videos.

    You have a natural talent.

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  2. Good updates Tim! a few yeas ago, my brother helped me drive the vehicles on a move from Reno back east. Drove highway 95 down thru central Nevada to Las Vegas. Incredible country! He and I are still talking about that drive (in January).
    I still think Highway 12 in Idaho is calling you!

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